Abegya Berhanu

Abegya is a goal-oriented person who is determined to accomplish anything she sets out to attain. The need to always better herself and improve her community were instilled in her since she was a kid by her family, who understood that the only wealth you can never lose is the knowledge you acquire. She is determined to improve her community and educate its members about the different cultures and the rich diversity in their midst.

When she emigrated from Ethiopia in 6th grade, she was able to clearly see the different ways people treated her because of their unfamiliarity with her culture. Her experience as an outsider motivated her to help people understand each other by joining Multicultural—Rising Above Differences (M-RAD). Through M—RAD, of which she will be President next year, Abegya has planned events such as the It Takes a Village Luncheon for Black History Month and Disability Awareness Day. Because Abegya understands the feeling of being an outsider, her goal in life is to help appreciate the differences between each other that make them unique. She is also the next President of the Women’s Empowerment Club whose goal is to help women get the confidence and resources they need to be successful because she believes that race, economic status nor gender should keep a person from achieving their life goals.

Abegya is involved in multiple honor societies like National Honor Society, National Math Honor Society, National Social Studies Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and the National Art Honor Society. She is also involved in other clubs that help people develop and explore new talents, like the Knitting Club.

Abegya’s family is her main motivator. At a young age, she faced a difficult separation from her father, and when she reunited with him in America, and she became determined to focus on her education and giving back to her community, which had been her support system during the separation from her father. She dreams of being a computer programmer, volunteering in schools, and opening a library in Ethiopia to help others gain educational opportunities that will open doors for them.