Seattle Leader Week Shout-outs!

Happy Friday HamFam! We're pleased to share some extra special shout-outs with you.

Shout-out to Seattle University - Conference and Event Services for helping Seattle Leader Week run smoothly. We greatly appreciate the careful attention to detail, quality, and kindness that characterize your work, and we look forward to future collaboration.

Shout-out to our dedicated volunteers Priscilla Wright, Cathy Hiller, and Carolyn Cox who facilitated sessions for the 2017 Scholars and who provided crucial assistance on arrival and departure day. Thank you for all the care you devote to the Hammies!

Shout-out to all of the older current Hammies and Alumni (Lona Nguyen, Beatriz Nájera Pérez, Maggie Flores, Emily Anne Vargas, Khoi Ha, Steven Nguyen, Jessica Sun, Pau Anzaldo) who took time out of your busy lives to give back to the organization and your fellow Hammies. Thank you for exemplifying what AHS is all about. You all make us proud to be a part of this organization, and the examples of selflessness, determination, and heart that each of you exhibit will be emulated by the 2017 Hammies. Special thanks to Victoria LaQuíta Wilburn for the incredible spirit, openness, and inspiration that you brought to the week, and to Tiffany Wong for working so hard to capture the work AHS does with your outstanding and beautiful video!

With deep gratitude,
AHS Team