College Signing Day 2018

College Signing Day signals an important milestone in the lives of millions of young people across the nation. For under-served and first-generation college students, it means that all the hard-work, all the sleepless nights, all the times they steeled themselves against exhaustion and doubt to overcome the roadblocks in their way, have finally paid off.  Join us in celebrating this special moment with the 2017 Cohort as they take the first exciting step in the next phase of their lives. The road ahead will be full of both triumph and defeat, but we know they will all succeed in becoming the next generation of leaders and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish along the way.

Congratulations 2017 Scholars!

Introducing 2018 Scholars

These 34 Scholars represent 16 states and a wide array of communities, backgrounds, and cultures. They exemplify the best of our nation’s youth, displaying grit, determination, and the ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve their ambitious goals, while still always putting others before self as they seek to be leaders and agents of positive change in their schools and communities. Like the young Alexander Hamilton, they will use their incredible talents to address their communities', our nation's, and the world’s most pressing needs. See their pictures and stay tuned for their incredible bios later this week.

Abegya Berhanu - Baltimore, MD
Alondra Barragan - Leavenworth, WA
Angela Tocci - Washington, PA
Anubhav Thapaliya - Woodbridge, VA
Bonnie Chen - Brooklyn, NY
Brandon Lopez - Oklahoma City, OK
Carlos Fuentes - Houston, TX
Chidinmma Egemonu - Jacksonville, FL
Daniella Passariello - Miami, FL
Danielle Sandia - Jemez Pueblo, NM
Desiree Cervantes - La Puente, CA
Dominic Arzadon - Honolulu, HI
Elizabeth Guadarrama - Royal City, WA
Emmalynn Beck - Danville, IA
Fatima Lopez - Richmond, CA
Georgina Concha - Oklahoma City, OK
Grace Kim - Germantown, MD
Gracemary Nganga - Hazelwood, MO
Halimo Farah - San Diego, CA
Jacquelin Flores - Mulberry, FL
Jennifer Hernandez - Alexandria, VA
Julon White - Oklahoma City, OK
Kevin Palomino - Oklahoma City, OK
Liliana Gonzalez - Hialeah, FL
Maria Estrada - Miami, FL
Paulina Lopez-Castillo - Richmond, CA
Ruben Garza - Corpus Christi, TX
Ruthchamar Jolibois - Orange, NJ
Sana Hussain - Chicago, IL
Tulsi Patel - Eagleville, PA
Vincent Tran - Anaheim, CA
Vivian Lu - Cherry Hill, NJ
Vivian Vasquez - Burbank, CA
Zayn Imran - Harrisburg, NC

Thank you to these individuals who helped select the 2018 Cohort, together contributing over 700 hours of work since the application process began back in November. Welcoming the latest cohort into our Hammie Family would have been impossible without your service and dedication during this important, and difficult, process.

Board Members:
Bill Thomas, Brian Simons, Jason Lynch, Morgan King, Nick Gesualdi

Hambassadors (AHS Alumni):
Caitlin Ogren (2009), Christopher McAuley (2009), Elena De Jesus Hernandez (2009), Emily Gee (2007), Erika So (2009), John Jimenez (2011), Lauren Hickey (2008), Lona Nguyen (2013), Luna Ly (2012), Mackenzie Welch (2009), Rachel Brill (2008), Shandon Coffman (2012), Shruti Bala (2005), Steve Barillas (2009), Steven Nguyen (2010), Sze Yin (Eunice) Ng (2011), Von Dickens Ulsa (2011)

Chantelle Dial, Jill-ann Painter, Jody Megrditchian, Joslin Boroughs,
Kelly Herrington, Kelly Pfeifer, Kirsten Martin, Larry Goldman, Lynell Engelmyer, Matt Skirven, Nikisha Reyes-Grange, Roberta Doyle

Their futures are bright

We're excited to share some joyous news this holiday season - this December five more Hamilton Scholars earned their bachelor's degrees! In 2017, a total of 32 Hamilton Scholars graduated from colleges and universities across the country. (Check out our2017 Spring Graduates here.)

Since 2010, 95% of Scholars who completed the Hamilton Empowerment Program have graduated from college within six years, and 80% within four years. For comparison, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) recently reported that only 41% of academically strong students from low socioeconomic (SES) backgrounds graduated from college, compared to 74% of similarly scoring student from high-SES backgrounds.

Thanks to your generous support , these Scholars grew personally and professionally throughout their experience in the program. From participating in transformational Leader Weeks and creating a Personal Development Plan, to engaging with our annual curriculum, personal check-in calls, and AHS’ Internship Program, they honed their skills and passions. These insights will guide them in their next transition from college to career. Because of you, they now step into the world ready to take on whatever comes next, and for that, we are all grateful. Please join us in congratulating these leaders of character on this major life accomplishment!

Winter 2017 Graduation Announcement_ Photos_Small.jpg

Caps and Gowns

Twenty-seven Hamilton Scholars graduated from college this spring, equipped with degrees ranging from Russian Language to Neuroscience and tools to change the world. 85 percent of the 2012 Scholars who entered the program five years ago have remained active, with a 100 percent retention rate for first-generation college students. While the national six-year college graduation rate is 59 percent, the Pell Institute reports that 10.9 percent of low-income, first-generation college students graduate from college within six years. At AHS, 90 percent of retained 2012 Scholars and 86 percent of first-generation 2012 Scholars graduated from college within four years.

As college graduates, these Scholars now enter the role of Hambassador. Whether through becoming donors, sharing their time, energy, and expertise, spreading the word about AHS in their communities, or participating in fundraising efforts, we encourage alumni to give back to the organization in ways that are most meaningful to them.

Because of you, these Scholars have traveled to Seattle, Washington and Tecpán, Guatemala for transformative leader weeks dedicated to the college transition and leadership and service. Your contributions to the Independent Internship Scholarship and Texas Leader Weekend have supported career readiness and transition for our Scholars. Your impact shines in each of these graduates. Thank you.     

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