Bonnie Chen

Bonnie loves the excitement and realization she feels solving challenging problems and discovering a new concept that was unknown to her before. Her ambitious mindset motivates her to put full effort toward everything she sets out to accomplish. She strives to achieve even through difficult family situations back at home. Bonnie believes that working hard and being passionate about what she loves to do will bring her success in the

Bonnie was named one of eight NY Youth Ambassadors for an inter-cultural youth leadership program- Project Bridge. She studied in Korea for 10 days, learning about Korean culture and traditions. In addition, she interacted with Korean students to bridge the gap between the US and Korea through cross-cultural immersion. Bonnie’s ultimate life goal is to “change the world” and being a part of this study tour program has pushed her closer to her goal.

Additionally, Bonnie is the Secretary of her school’s chapter of Society of Women’s Engineers where she hopes to build young women’s confidence in pursuing STEM careers by giving them the support and guidance through company visits and STEM college panel
workshops. She is also a part of her school’s Youth Against Child Trafficking Club as the webmaster, and through this club she aims to promote awareness of human trafficking that leads the student body to take action against it.

Bonnie’s father and grandparents are her biggest inspirations to reach for the stars. Her father has always silently encouraged her to keep pursuing her dreams. Despite only living with her grandparents until age five, Bonnie’s grandparents’ words still echo in her mind, “Starting from zero or nothing at all is not an embarrassment because one day you will fly higher than you ever expected.” Bonnie believes in this and will continue to strive for the highest possible excellence she can achieve. In addition, Bonnie thanks her Project Bridge Coordinators and Group Leaders for their utmost encouragement and for building her confidence!