Halimo Farah

Halimo Farah is an outstanding student:  hardworking, conscientious, reliable, and responsible.  She is involved with many local community outreach programs in which she serves as a positive role model for young children. She has endured numerous obstacles in her life, such as learning English as a second language and adapting to a new culture. Halimo spends many hours throughout the week volunteering and enhancing the future of her community by speaking out against the problems her peers face.

Halimo is most proud of her position as a youth activist in the Hanna Youth Program, speaking to teens that are struggling and helping them make a positive change to secure a better future and life. The program helps children from many age groups, but she focuses primarily on high school students who are trying to make more of their lives. Halimo gives them the same information her teachers give her, such as tips for planning for college, meeting graduation requirements, volunteering, and more. When the program needs funding, Halimo helps by organizing fundraises in which the students help sell ethnic foods to different schools. Halimo says, “People all over the world endure many difficulties, so it is up to us to devout our time into helping them for society to progress.”

Halimo is also involved with Sharp Grossmont Hospital and Faces for the Future Coalition. Through these programs, Halimo works beside physicians and nurses as they go through their day to day schedules. She also worked alongside numerous community health organizations such as La Maestra Community Health and Stellar Care. After devoting many hours to these programs, Halimo shared what she learned with her peers and explained to them all the medical resources available to them. With this mindset, Halimo hopes that the students in her school will be able to understand the benefits of the different facilities and be better prepared in case of an emergency.

Halimo aspires to attain a college education and to major in Biology. Halimo wants to become a family practitioner so she can open a non-profit clinic whose goal is to give people of all ages free, great medical care. By doing this, families would not have to worry about how to pay their medical bills but instead focus on bettering themselves.  Halimo professes that, “there is no greater feeling then helping those who need it most.”