Julon White

Julon White is a proactive leader and a believer in the limitless capacity of improvement and advancement. His genuine concern for the well-being of others allows him to flourish as a servant leader. Julon is a model of tenacity because he approaches everything he does as an opportunity and makes the best of it. His altruistic qualities are demonstrated through his civic engagement.

Julon’s striking effort to promote awareness of the tremendous impact of cancer and raise money for a cure is honorable and widely recognized. Julon and other leaders in his school organized the Cancer Fund Drive Week, where students of his high school, Putnam City West, dedicated an entire week to fighting for a cure for cancer. He submersed himself in grueling work for over three-hundred hours over the course of nine months in preparation for the event. It was not only a success within the walls of his school, but also among his community. When asked about Cancer Fund Drive and his involvement in it, he noted that it, “did even more than just contribute to the fight to end cancer, it gave a diverse community the power to put their minds together to tackle any kind of problem that could be thrown at them.”

In addition, Julon is involved in many other extracurriculars in his school, community and state. Julon is a member of the Youth and Government program, whose purpose is to expose young people to politics and teach them how to make a difference with their voice. The past year, he held office in the program’s Senate as Chaplain. He’s the Director of Publications and one of three flag runners in The Sons and Daughters of Liberty, his school’s spirit club. Additionally, he holds the position of Junior Spirit Coordinator and Student Council Spirit President and got to represent his school at the High School Leadership Conference at the University of Oklahoma. Julon volunteered at the 2017-2018 Putnam City Special Olympics and spent the past summer volunteering on the buses at Southwest Baptist Church, acting as the song-leader. He is the captain of his school’s newly formed Academic Team. 

Julon aspires to be a neurologist in the future and uncover the mysteries of the brain. He draws inspiration from family, specifically his father and his late mother. When asked about how his family shaped him into the leader he is today, he answered,

 “My dad always pushes me to grow as a person and encourages me to find ways that my unique skill-set can contribute to making the world better. I’m also driven by the memory of my mom. Every day I ask myself what I can be doing to honor her and make her proud.”