Kevin Palomino

Kevin Palomino was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and migrated to the United States at the 3 years old. Because of the obstacles he encountered during his childhood, he is passionate about pursuing his goals. Kevin is a hardworking young man who dedicates his
time to various organizations and to his community. He strongly believes that there is always away out of life’s most difficult times; it just takes one step forward to make a change.

At the beginning of Kevin’s junior year, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was circling the media. He knew the danger many of his peers, including himself, would face if the program was repealed. Kevin was astonished by how little students and staff were informed over the situation DACA was facing. Kevin took this matter into his own hands by organizing an informational forum about DACA. His mission was to empower those students who would be directly impacted by the end of the DACA era and to educate them on how to react if it were to happen. Kevin also hung up posters around the halls of his school that read “DREAMERS Welcome”. Weeks later, teachers began to hang the same posters on their doors. Kevin says, “I wanted my undocumented peers to know that attending school is a place that they could feel safe”.

Additionally, Kevin is involved with many organizations throughout his community and his school. He is the student council secretary and is a member of his school’s National Honor Society, Key Club, Link Crew, and League of United Latin American Citizens. Kevin also takes part in the Youth Leadership Exchange: Leadership Skills class. This program helped Kevin enhance his leadership capabilities while learning about the treasures and communities of Oklahoma City. Kevin served as a group leader for his school’s annual philanthropy week called Students Helping Initiate New Experiences (SHINE Week) which raised funds for Aspiring Americans, a nonprofit that gives resources to undocumented students, empowering them to pursue higher education.

During Kevin’s childhood, the pressure of starting over in a foreign country took a toll on his parents, and they endured tremendous stress and conflict. Despite these conditions, his dad never stopped working to support his family. Kevin is grateful for the sacrifices his parents
made in bringing him to the United States. He sees life and success as a ladder: every step you take is another step to a brighter future and he will not stop until he reaches his goal. Says Kevin, “They say the sky’s the limit, but for me, the sky is just the beginning.”