Sana Hussain

Sana Hussain is a dedicated and avid student advocate for student representation and voice at her school. She has extensive experience with empowering, leading, and cooperating with her peers to fix problems acutely affecting the student population in her community. More precisely, she has helped organize walk-outs and sit-ins to prevent budget cuts in Chicago Public Schools. Sana has advocated for equitable funding for all Chicago public schools by attending Board of Education meetings, as well as policy brainstorming breakout sessions with the Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Students Union.

Sana is most proud of her contribution to the BuildOn chapter at her school, a club that works to build schools in disadvantaged communities in developing nations. She has helped fundraise $30,000 to build a school in Burkina Faso, and to help give impoverished kids in that region a chance at an education. Her club was able to enroll ~120 kids at the school through their efforts. Through this club, she has worked to get the Lane Tech community as well as the surrounding Roscoe Village families and small businesses involved in her club’s fundraisers. This entails working booths at events, spending long hours in strategic event planning, and designing poster art for upcoming events. Through BuildOn, Sana has learned so much about mobilizing people, event planning, and about the massive discrepancy in education that exists in the world today.

Additionally, she is also a member of her school’s GEMS club, a club dedicated to influence more girls to go into STEM. Currently, she’s working on a mentorship program that will pair up professional women in STEM with members of the GEMS club. Sana is also the vice president of her school’s Pakistani International Day club, one of the top three ranked dance clubs at Lane out of 33 clubs, which all represent the diversity of the student body. She is a vocal member in her school’s Star Mentor’s Club and has actively participated in helping incoming freshman get accustomed to a new school by giving school tours She has also volunteered to tutor eighth graders, preparing them for their end-of-year math placement exam.

Sana is constantly inspired to achieve and work hard by her family. Raised in Lahore, Pakistan, she immigrated to Chicago in the summer of 2006. She was beyond frightened coming to a new land where fundamentally everything was different than what she had known, especially since she didn’t speak a word of English. As a bilingual teenager living in America, she will always be indebted to her parents for believing in her and helping her challenge herself as much as she can.