Kristen Cline

Managing Director

A rural upbringing drives Kristen Cline’s passion for providing young people the support they need to gracefully handle life’s hurdles and the transition into adulthood.

Her involvement with Alexander Hamilton Scholars began as an attendee of the Hamilton Leaders Gala in 2014. Thereafter, she quickly became a regular volunteer and board member, eventually leading her to the role of managing director. With nearly two decades of experience in diverse roles and various aspects of the real estate and construction industries, Kristen uniquely brings both big and small for-profit business perspectives to AHS.

Beyond her work with Hamilton Scholars, Kristen enjoys running, hiking, watching football, and spending time with close friends and her husband. Their dog, Lucky, often tags along wherever she goes, including the office.


Amelia Moore

Program Director

As a former community college English teacher, Amelia Moore is committed to providing equal access to higher education to all young people. Amelia also has a background in nonprofit work focused on youth development, and is proud to be a part of the important work Hamilton Scholars does in closing the opportunity gap. Amelia received her BA in English from the University of California, Berkeley, and her MA in English literature from Mills College.

Serving as program director for Hamilton Scholars aligns with Amelia’s commitment to support future leaders who will generate meaningful change in American society through public service and civic engagement. She loves working with the inspiring young people of Hamilton Scholars and is constantly amazed by the exceptional work ethic and spirit of giving that they all possess.

Amelia lives in West Seattle with her husband and two daughters. She loves camping and hiking with her family, reading, and watching scary movies and sports.

Bre headshot.jpg

Darlene Germino

Assistant Director

I am passionate about building a more just and equitable society through education. This passion is rooted in my experiences as a first-generation college student, daughter of Filipino immigrants, and advocate for out-of-school and underserved youth. After graduating from Seattle University with a BA in Humanities for Teaching, I served as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Terengganu, Malaysia. Some highlights from that year were starting a singing club where students and I sang Taylor Swift and Rihanna songs, traveling to several SE Asian countries and Australia, making lifelong friends, and finding a monitor lizard under my bed.

At AHS, I have the opportunity to help facilitate Hammies’ growth as leaders who positively impact their communities and the world. The Hammies constantly inspire me with their resilience despite adversity and their commitment to service. Second to my love for working with the Hammies is my interest in DJing (both on the radio and as a turntablist) specializing in love song dedications, 80s-00s crowd-pleasers, epic scores, and nu funk/disco. During fundraisers and other special events, I’ve showcased my skills as AHS’ “Resident DJ” (aka D-Genius, aka curator of awesome playlists).

The greatest D-Genius wisdom I can give you in the form of a song lyrics mash-up is this:
The truth is kept secret, it’s swept under the rug / if you never know truth then you never know love;
You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, you gotta stay together;
If you wanna make the world a better place / take a look at yourself and make a change;
And you’ll finally see the truth / that a hero lies in you.
– Black Eyed Peas, Des’ree, Michael Jackson, and Mariah Carey


Lynell Engelmyer

Program Advisor and College / Financial Aid Counselor

Lynell's education experience came from the admission offices at Union College (NY) and Hartwick College (NY) and as the Director of Financial Aid at Lebanon Valley College (PA). She has also worked for The College Board before beginning her own college counseling practice.

Lynell graduated summa cum laude from Albright College (PA) and earned a master´s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Higher Education Administration (where one of my most difficult tasks was getting her own student loan processed!). She has been involved with private college counseling for 10 years, and she has volunteered at various college admission and financial aid programs including several which assist underserved populations on the road to college. Lynell loves writing and teaching students about the writing process. She is married and the mother of two children who she hope will someday acknowledge her skill in this field when it´s their turn for college!


Kelly Herrington

Senior Advisor and College Counselor

Kelly first witnessed educational inequity while attending a large and diverse public high school. Since college, he has been devoted to helping America's most talented but under-supported students attain the opportunities they deserve. He was drawn to Hamilton Scholars due to the fact that it is more than just a scholarship organization; a career educator, Kelly knows how important it is to mentor students during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Kelly Herrington is a graduate of Union College, where he worked as an Associate Dean of Admissions and Director or International Admissions for seven years. For the past six years he has served as the Director of College Counseling at University Prep in Seattle, WA. Kelly received his master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Kelly's articles on college admissions have appeared in the Washington Post, the National Association for College Admissions Counseling Journal and most prominently in his grandmother's scrapbook. He helped create Camp College, an early intervention and access program for students of color. He has served on National Association for College Admissions Counseling's (NACAC) Human Relations Committee. He was the recipient of NACAC's rising star award in 2003 and the John Muir Editor's Award in 2005. 

In his spare time Kelly enjoys running, biking, triathlons and hiking. In 1998, Kelly biked across the country with his father in a charity ride for the American Lung Association. An avid reader, a good book and a large Coca Cola make him very happy.


Bre Legan

Marketing and Program Coordinator

Growing up in a rural farming community of 700 in Missouri, with a lack of access to opportunities, but also a drive to change the world in my own way, I desired a supportive group of likeminded peers to navigate the transitionary waters. I found this camaraderie in my Hammie Family. I became a Hamilton Scholar in 2013 and have since completed the Hamilton curriculum and graduated Summa Cum Laude as a first-generation college student from Drury University and Santa Reparata International School of Art. I received my BA in Writing, Photography, and Graphic Design and had the opportunity to study European politics, human migration, and artistic application in Italy (Florence ‘16-‘17, Rome ‘18). I strive to provide a platform for underserved and underrepresented people and try every day to be the best version of myself.

I do a little bit of everything with AHS, from marketing and social media to program development and all sorts of art and design work. I am hoping my unique perspective as a Hamilton alum will allow us to portray the human element of our brilliant scholars and keep moving forward.

Speaking of moving forward, I do love traveling! I’ve lived and worked in India and Italy and traveled to more than 20 countries and counting! I am a big fan of aliens, beards, hairless (and hairy) cats, revolutions, watercolor, and my pal, Bigfoot. I’m a vegetarian-in-progress and an incessant tripper (ask me about the time I fell into the canals in Venice). I was once told I smell like old women and star dust. I’m snarky and I laugh too much. I’m allergic to cinnamon.

I do travel writing and photography on the side. Ramble with me at Wanders & Rambles!